The high yield credit universe has grown significantly in recent years, and there are investment opportunities to be found all over Europe.

Corporate High Yield bonds are an increasingly key component of fixed income portfolios and provide portfolio diversification benefits. They generally deliver a higher return, have shorter durations than other asset classes in the fixed income area and have a low correlation with any other debt assets. High Yield bonds are also less sensitive to interest rate movements than investment grade bonds.

We invest primarily in European bonds and aim to increase value over the long term while minimizing volatility and providing attractive incomes. Being active managers, we have the flexibility to invest in the best potential opportunities.

Our investment approach combines rigorous bottom-up security selection coupled with thorough top-down macro analysis. We additionally focus on quantitative criteria and the macroeconomic backdrop to make decisions.

Launched in 2004, our European High Yield Strategy creates well diversified portfolios, invested in bonds issued by OECD companies, mostly European, and denominated in euro.

We can tailor-made to your needs any High Yield strategy, either through pooled or segregated accounts, the latter being customised to your specific risk profile.

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