LFP Opportunity - DELFF Euro High Return

DELFF Euro High Return invests in Euro denominated corporate bonds issued by European companies with a rating of Ba1/BB+ and below. The portfolio is prudently diversified over more than 40 issuers and 10 industries with an average duration between 3 and 5 years.

Inception: June 14th. 2007

Legal Form: SICAV, UCITS V

Category: Bonds and other international debts

Liquidity: Daily

Base Currency: Euro

Capitalization: Reinvested

Our Aim

The LFP Opportunity – DELFF Euro High Return Fund aims to generate the best returns whilst placing the highest priority on protecting clients’ assets. Our research-driven investment process helps us strike the right balance between rigorous credit research and top-down strategic positioning. Our investment approach focuses on proprietary risk management analytics and processes to potentially detect and minimize default losses. It is conservative without any leverage nor currency risk and focuses on income return.