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Product and services

Products, strategies and financial services described in this website may not be available in all jurisdictions and may not be available to all or some investors in a permitted jurisdiction.  Strategies and financial services may be provided to highly qualified investors through separate contract and may or may not be available through commingled funds in your jurisdiction.

Nothing contained in this website constitutes or forms part of any offer to sell or buy an investment, or any solicitation of such an offer. Any strategies, products, or services referred to in this website — whether publicly or through password-protected areas, are and will be subject to the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in the jurisdiction where the investor is resident.

Investment into any commingled product managed by DELFF can be conducted only through and according to information contained in the relevant offering and subscription documents.  Further, such documents may differ by jurisdiction as required by law in those jurisdictions. Certain DELFF funds are domiciled in Luxembourg and are subject to Luxembourg financial regulation. Persons or institutions interested in these funds must carefully review their eligibility for subscription in the relevant fund documentation.

Persons interested in acquiring any investment should inform themselves as to: (a) the legal requirements within the countries of their nationality, residence, ordinary residence or domicile for such acquisition; (b) any foreign exchange control requirement which they might encounter on the acquisition or sale of investments; and (c) the income tax and other tax consequences which might be relevant to the acquisition, holding or disposal of any investment.

Nothing in this website should be construed as investment, tax, legal or other advice nor is it to be relied upon in making an investment decision.

Some of the products referred to in this website constitute « Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes » (« UCIS ») / Non Mainstream Pooled Investment Schemes” (“NMPI”) for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (« FSMA 2000 »), and are not recognised schemes under Section 264 of FSMA 2000. Under UK legislation, UCIS / NMPI may only be promoted to persons who are sufficiently experienced and sophisticated to understand the risks involved in investing in such schemes, and who satisfy certain other criteria.  Accordingly, the information in this website is intended exclusively for persons to whom UCIS / NMPI may be promoted by virtue of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes) (Exemptions) Order 2005 or the rules of the FCA. Such persons include the following categories, as defined in legislation and by the FCA: Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparties, which broadly comprise regulated financial institutions, large pension funds, large corporates, high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors and investment professionals.

The above statement does not apply to DELFF Funds SICAV and its sub-funds, which are recognised under Section 264 of the FSMA 2000 for marketing to persons in the United Kingdom.

Many of the protections provided by the United Kingdom regulatory structure may not apply to investments in DELFF funds, including access to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Prospective investors should take advice from their financial or other professional advisers regarding the suitability of any of the products referred to on this website before making any investment decision.


Limit of Liability

Nothing contained in this website constitutes investment advice and the information provided should not be relied upon when making investment decisions. DELFF has taken reasonable care to ensure that all the information contained in this website is accurate, secure, and updated as described within the website itself, but DELFF provides no representations or warranties as to the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the information.

This website contains DELFF views and opinion which may change without notice and are not intended to be relied upon.  Errors, omissions, interruptions and delays of services may occur at any time on the internet as it is not a totally reliable or secure medium of communication. DELFF accepts no liability for the consistency, security and confidentiality of any information sent over the internet and any transmissions over the internet are entirely at the user’s risk.

Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to verify information before relying on it and DELFF accepts no liability for any damage or loss, including loss of profit, whether direct, indirect or consequentially resulting from the use of this website.


Risk warning

There are significant risks associated with investment in the DELFF funds outlined in this website. Some DELFF services, depending on jurisdiction, may only be available for sophisticated investors who can accept the risks associated with such an investment including a substantial or complete loss of their investment.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance and the value of investments can fall as well as rise.  No investment strategy is without risk and markets influence investment performance.  Investment markets and conditions can change rapidly.  Strategies or products can lose money as well as gain.  All investors should consider investing only if they can accept the risks associated with investing including a loss of invested capital.

No investor should invest without a thorough reading of the risk factors associated with each investment strategy in official documentation provided for each fund or strategy.  Investors with questions should additionally seek independent investment advice tailored to their needs, circumstances, and risk tolerances.


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