Since our creation in 2003, we have always been innovative, taking the right opportunities to offer our clients the best available solutions. Over the years, DELFF has extended the range of its funds and leveraged its credit expertise.

  • DELFF Management Ltd is founded in London by Denis Loubignac.

    Launch of DELFF High Yield strategy

  • DELFF 1rst Luxembourg Sicav

    LFP Opportunity – DELFF Euro High Return, the Sicav first sub fund is invested in High Yield credits. La Française des Placements, a large French Fund Management company, takes a 20% stake in DELFF Management Ltd.

  • DELFF shareholder LFP merges with UFG to become La Francaise

    La Française AM (€70bn in assets as at 30/06/2018) is the asset management arm of French banking group Credit Mutuel Nord Europe, rated A by Standard & Poor’s.

  • Launch of DELFF European Loan strategy

    Creation of a French FCT, the DELFF Senior Corporate Loans Fund 2016.

  • First DELFF Luxembourg Loan Sicav

    Creation of the LFP Opportunity Loans Fund.

  • Launch of DELFF Short Duration High Yield strategy

    Creation of LFP Opportunity - Euro Short Duration High Yield.

  • Launch of DELFF Small & Mid Cap strategy

    Creation of DELFF Expansion 2022, an FCT “Fonds de Prêts à l’Economie” which participates in small / mid cap syndications, club deals and direct lending transactions.

  • Launch of DELFF Multi-Asset strategy

    Creation of LFP Opportunity – Yuma, a multi asset Fund.