LFP Opportunity - Euro Short Duration High Yield

Euro Short Duration High Yield invests in Euro denominated corporate bonds issued by European companies with a rating of Ba1/BB+ and below. The portfolio is prudently diversified over more than 40 issuers and 10 industries with an average duration of less than 3 years.

Inception: March 21st, 2013

Legal Form: SICAV, UCITS V

Category: Bonds and other international debts

Liquidity: Daily

Base Currency: Euro

Capitalization: Reinvested

Our Aim

With an emphasis on preserving client’s assets, the LFP Opportunity – Euro Short Duration High Yield Fund is designed to limit volatility when rates are rising and generate long-term returns. It potentially reduces investors overall portfolio risk with lower interest rate sensitivity than longer duration strategies. We use a conservative investment approach without any leverage nor currency risk and focus on income return and fundamental analysis.