LFP Opportunity Loans - DELFF Senior Corporate Loans I

LFP Opportunity Loans invests in senior debt of European companies with a good historical performance as well as solid development outlooks. Our portfolio consists of Corporate Loans sourced on the primary market (participation in syndications of new loans) and on the secondary market aiming at loans with good liquidity. We exclude subordinated debt and distressed (Mezzanine, 2nd lien). We invest in Corporate Loans issued by OECD companies, mostly European, and denominated in euro.

Inception: January 17th, 2011

Legal Form: Luxembourg SICAV

Category: AIF - Other/other strategies/fixed income

Liquidity: Monthly

Base Currency: Euro

Capitalization: Reinvested

Our Aim

The LFP Opportunity Loans Fund aims to generate income and capital appreciation whilst placing the highest priority on protecting clients’ assets. For this purpose, we use a conservative investment approach without any leverage nor currency risk and focus on income return and fundamental analysis.